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February 27th, 2014 at 7:13 pm

Fitness for Aged people!

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Getting older brings many problems related to health with it. Although this is the natural aging process still the elders complain about many health issues that include heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis pains and so on. Nevertheless, the experts of such conditions, the doctors, have suggested a few tips through which the aged people can have a comparatively healthier life.

A few of the fitness guidelines consist of:

1. Do exercises based on the age: One of the most significant fitness tips for people of old age group includes exercising on regular basis. This is considered important because exercising is described as the key leading to the door of physical and mental health. But exercise should be done through specific plan.

2. Exercise, key to a healthy body and strong mind: While doing exercises people should follow proper modus operandi and always stay away from aggressive exercises. Resting in the middle of the workouts is taken as a really wise step. Heart diseases or hypertension related conditions are advised to steer clear of difficult or tiring exercises and use some alternative of that exercise. garcinia cambogia

For example instead of using weights aged people should try meditation or yoga.

3. Regular medical checkups: This is really a very important guideline. Regular medical examinations should be added to the list of things one should never avoid. By proper checkups one will be able to keep tabs on their own health state. Also through this step the person can find out of any health issue in the early stages of the disease by finding out the symptoms and thus the result will be that the problem will be avoided before it becomes untreatable.

4. High quality shoes: This is not just an important tip for the elders but it is also for people from other age groups. But of course old aged people should give this tip priority. The reason is that if you are wearing high quality shoes, these may be able to increase the shock absorption. Also good quality shoes provide arch support. For this purpose and some other, shoes having “over the counter” gel and insoles made of foam are preferred over simple joggers as they can become stiff in winters.

5. Right activities for you: Many people complain about the boredom they face after retiring. To avoid this negative feeling it is suggested that old people do stuff that makes them happy. Reading, drawing, gardening, music enjoying etc are some of the activities with a calm and relaxing effect.

6. Balanced nutrition: Being a member of senior age group one has to relate health with the diet. This age group should use more fruits and vegetables having more fiber, calcium and carbohydrates. Along with the solid food intake, the focus must also be on the liquid intake. Eight glasses of water is advised on daily basis.

Smoking and alcohol must be avoided specifically along with high quantity of red meat. This is necessary for a fit body. Instead of meat including vegetables in the diet plan is considered a key to good health.

These simple guidelines can help you to stay healthy even at old age.

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